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Obtain soft, flattering and durable eyelash extensions at Blink Blink London, the studio in Richmond Upon Thames, South West London. Enjoy the service with free consultation on the best style and length enhancing your own lashes to perfection. Top quality products and individual approach by an experienced eye lash artist is essential.

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  • Eyebrow shaping & tinting also available;



Blink Blink London offers high quality semi-permanent eyelash extensions including the popular Russian Volume lasting approximately four to five weeks. Affordable eyebrow treatment is available along to create a look that compliments your eye and the shape of your face.

My studio is for people of all walks of life ensuring every customer feels relaxed:

  • Within friendly environment;
  • Before they go happy;
  • What is Blink Blink?

    Blink Blink is the natural perfection of your eyes enhanced by immaculately applied lashes. As the beauty every woman is exclusive, we will start from choosing the right styling, length and thickness to match your eyes and face shape.

  • What makes the difference?

    Before launching Blink Blink I have learned from top professionals in the UK, Europe and Russia. Applying lashes is an art I want to be the best at, constantly upgrading my skills, techniques and materials used.

  • Mink, Silk, Sable …. What kind of lashes is the best?

    The truth is that there are no mink, silk or sable lashes. It is no more than marketing aimed at boosting consumers’ interest. Experienced eyelash artists are never fooled by advertising and prevent their customers from it. I analyze in depth what the industry has to offer and select only top quality products.

  • Do extensions damage natural lashes?

    No, no and no, if they are applied correctly by a qualified artist. Don’t select one upon the cheapest price and a promise to complete the treatment within an hour. The treatment normally takes two hours of constant concentration. Besides all the professional materials, which are safe for your eyes, are quite expensive. Once you decide to invest in your beauty - safety, quality and professionalism are the main criteria.

  • Do eyelash extensions require any special care?

    It is very important to clean your lashes daily, same as you take care of your face and body. Some of my clients even noticed that their natural eyelashes became stronger, as there is no more rubbing eyes or applying and removing mascara daily, so no more trauma to premature lashes. Correctly applied and looked after extensions can be worn for years.

lash botox

£45.00(Sold Out)

Lash Botox is a unique treatment developed to nourish, thicken and moisturize the natural eyelashes. The combination of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids make eyelashes thicker and longer. Special formula helps to keep the effect up to 6 weeks. For professional use only.


Classic Eyelash Extensions £60.00 Classic Eyelash Extensions £60.00

Treatment: A lash artist creates your new wonder eyes 1:1, which means 1 extension is glued to your natural lash.

Effect: Soft, 100% wearable extensions, enhancing the natural beauty in the most gentle way.

Perfect for: Ladies who prefer waking up flawless and ready to go without attracting too much attention to the nature of their beauty.

Russian Volume 2D £70.00 Russian Volume 2D £70.00

Treatment: An artist applies 2 extensions to 1 natural lash. In most of the cases 2D method is mixed with a classic one to achieve top results.

Effect: Fluffy lashes looking gorgeous - both live and on pictures.

Perfect for: Special occasions to boost confidence and steal the show.

Russian Volume 3D £80.00 Russian Volume 3D £80.00

Treatment: Yes, it's 3 extensions applied to 1 lash, for absolutely stunning results.

Effect: Full volume eye lashes designed to fall in love at first sight.

Perfect for: Weddings and other memorable events when you really are the queen of the day.

LVL Treatment £50.00 LVL Treatment £50.00

Treatment: LVL is the way to boost natural beauty by application of serum, which makes the lashes look curled up. Then lashes are tinted to achieve a wow-effect.

Result: Longer and thicker lashes, lifted at the roots.

Perfect for: Creating a mascara-type effect without applying any make-up or extensions.

Infills (CEE, 2D, 3D) £35.00 - £45.00 Infills (CEE, 2D, 3D) £35.00 - £45.00

Properly applied extensions grow together with your natural lashes. On one hand it is a good sign proving that extensions are actually harmless. On the other hand, you will need to get you infills treatment every 3-4 weeks to keep your eyelashes perfect.

All extensions which look broken or located far from the eyelid will be carefully removed and replaced by new ones. In less than 2 hours your extensions will be completely restored - looking exactly the way they did on the first day.

Eyelash Tinting £8.00 Eyelash Tinting £8.00

Eyelash tinting is being used to darken the lashes. It only takes 15 minutes and lasts up to 3-5 weeks. It's a good option for those who have fair lashes or can't wear mascara.

Eyebrow Treatments £8.00 - £10.00 Eyebrow Treatments £8.00 - £10.00

Make the best of your Blink Blink experience by adding eyebrow tinting and shaping to your treatment. Full and defined eyebrows framing your face, complimenting your skin tone and accentuating your eyes are just two steps away.

Step 1: Defining the shape and the right tone which really do wonders to the way you look.

Step 2: Grooming and tinting accordingly. We use henna to make the new tint last longer (up to 3-4 weeks), look natural and stimulate hair growth to make your eyebrows look fuller.

The treatment is completed by expert tips on eyebrows care.

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Admirable Richmond Nails is a qualified mobile beauty service based in St.Margaret's offering a comprehensive range of manicure and pedicure treatments within a 5 miles radius from Richmond.

Some Tips

LVL Treatments

LVL is an A- list treatment that conquered hearts of women all over the world. It's an amazing treatment and great alternative to eyelash extensions. The benefits of LVL are no need for maintenance, relatively low cost of treatment, effect lasts up to 6-8 weeks, lashes are enriched with vitamins and keratin. LVL stands for lift, volume, length and tint can be done during the treatment to get more striking results. LVL treatment takes about an hour and make it easy to fit in your diary during lunch break. I recommend to apply special serum for your lashes that can be purchased separately. The aftercare is super easy: avoid washing your eyes for the first 24 hours, no steam for the first 48 hours, no sleeping face down for the first 24 hours, after that time you can enjoy your new, beautiful, lifted lashes, apply makeup and look at the world with eyes wide open.

Aftercare Advice

  • Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24h.
  • For the first 48h avoid steam, Jacuzzi and hot showers.
  • Avoid oily products around eye area.
  • Do not use mascara or eyeliner.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • After taking the shower, dry your lashes first gently with towel and then brush.
  • Never brush eyelashes while they are wet.
  • Wash eyelashes extensions after sport activities.
  • Come back for infills regularly, 2-3 weeks are advised.

Bolder, Lighter, Longer

Discover the new look of your lashes in style of SS17

As summer rolls on, everyone is getting into a sunnier state of mind. Pastel hues and floral prints move to the fashion forefront, while our wardrobes are becoming lighter and lighter … And that is exactly the trend we should consider talking about lashes. Forget about dramatic looks till autumn. It’s time to unveil your pure beauty … and give your eyelashes a well-deserved rest.

If you still have this fear of removing extensions and not recognizing yourself in the mirror, we’ve got good news for you! Lash Botox is the solution which can get all your wants and needs met. It’s not that professionally applied extensions damage your lashes; even daily use of mascara makes them a bit thinner… Anyways, like a good old facial is a part of our beauty routine, treat your eyelashes same way and you will be amply rewarded.

What is Lash Botox? Lash Botox Volume-Up Elixir - is an innovation brought to life by Copenhagen beauty experts, who carried out a scientific research on eyelash structure and factors influencing it, as well as the sensitive eye area. As a result, they introduced a revolutionary treatment, which makes:

  • Your eyelashes look visibly longer;
  • 30% thicker after the first application;
  • And darker, as each lash being nourished by vitamins and keratin.

What’s inside besides keratin? Collagen, Hyaluronan, Vitamins A, B1, B5, B9, E, essential oils and many other ingredients which uplift your lashes in the blink of an eye. And that is a real catch for dry and weak lashes, while healthy ones have all the chances to reach perfection.

How long will it last? You will be enjoying the maximum volume effect from 1,5 to 2 month.

What happens next? You’ll face a dilemma whether to get a new set of extensions or stick to your natural beauty enhanced by Lash Botox forever and ever....

What is important? It is absolutely safe and natural, so there no restrictions for pregnant and breastfeeding women. There is no special care required, so you can sleep, cleanse your eyes and apply make-up your usual way.

There is only one thing…. Lash Botox is a professional treatment which could only be performed by a certified beautician. Don’t try DIY, do find an expert whom you can entrust your beauty and enjoy the amazing results.

Blink Blink London celebrates its excellence

Summer-2017 is marked by great news. First of all, the very first Strictly Come Lashes Championship took place in Worcester (UK). Organized by Eliza Holmes, owner of Lash Vault shop and Prestige Lashes Academy, the event gathered top professionals who aimed at demonstrating their skills, networking and sharing expertise at the same time.

Main news of the day: Natalia Osminova, Blink Blink London founder, was awarded the Grand Prix in the Lash Lift competition, and the second prize in the Classic Lash category. The expert jury gave a high appraisal of Natalia’s professionalism, quality of her work and attention to details.

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